At the current location of Luccaranna, the half-manors of Fischmeister and Tiskre as well as the Lucca summer manor already attracted vacationers a couple of centuries ago with refreshing sea, cliffed coast and the ancient Tiskre fishing village.


At the beginning of the 19th century, caring for one’s health became relatively fashionable. The current Luccaranna area along with the Georg Witte bathing salon at Kadriorg was one of the most popular beach resorts among the elite in both Tallinn as well as St. Petersburg. Lucca and Tiskre resorts were visited by the family and friends of poet Pushkin as well as famous historian and writer Karamzin.


The nobility became especially frequent visitors after the establishment of a railway connection between Tallinn and St. Petersburg in the 1870s. Here, the vacationing gentry engaged in earthly romance: fishing, participated in haymaking and socialized with local farmers. This all constituted a tranquility that could not be found elsewhere.


In 1977, Tiskre village was merged with the city of Tallinn. This triggered rapid development in the area – private houses were built and a street network was established. The vicinity of the beach offering wonderful views and especially the picturesque Rannamõisa cliff made Tiskre area increasingly prestigious.


1996 saw the completion of a first of a kind residential area that satisfied new opportunities and requirements. Tiskre residential area became a unique symbol and pioneer for other developing periurban areas. For several decades, the area was characterized only by private houses. The first apartment buildings were completed only in the beginning of the 2000s.


In 2014, Invego constructed a safe and unique Lucca Home residential area by the sea. The area and buildings designed by acknowledged architects Martin Aunin and Pia Tasa are characterized by modernity, timelessness and integrity. The residential area that consists of buildings that constitute a common architectural ensemble is a unique and whole architectural diamond.


The Tiskre office building designed by Invego and Estonia’s leading architect Martin Aunin was finished in 2016. The building, which is located by the Tiskre district roundabout, a few minute car drive from Rocca al Mare and Tabasalu, offers local people a chance to get to work either by foot, by bicycle or by rollerblading along surrounding pedestrian roads and is thus a close-to-home office building and meeting point.

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