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Luccaranna has its own characteristics and signature. Small luxurious apartment buildings and triplex villas overlooking the sea truly enable to make the most out of this unique environment. A walk along your home beach, enjoying the sunset on a SUP board or taking a dip in the summer are no longer a privilege of the few, but a part of life. The vision of developer Invego and the creation of the architects of Kuu are characterized by closeness to nature, architectural diversity and active lifestyle.

Only 11
triplex villas
and 16 small
apartment buildings

Luccaranna binds the extreme convenience of city life together with the benefits of nature into a uniform whole. This new age housing estate is connected by a unique linear park where the central walkway winds along paved areas, bridges over wet areas covered in flora and leads to the beach. In the positioning of buildings and area planning, we have focused on separating public and private areas, thus conveying the valuable ambiance of the living environment of Kadriorg in the best possible way.

Along the boardwalk to the beach

Luccaranna is a small and cozy beach area where homes overlook the parks and the sea. The homes are surrounded by reed beds and species-rich meadows. The sea is only 50 meters away and can be accessed from the houses by a boardwalk which allows for nice walks, picking globeflowers and playing with small boats. You are welcomed by birdsong and fresh air. Yet, the amenities of city life are only a 7-minute car drive away.

Safe and green oasis

It is home for people who cherish similar values. The boardwalk which connects Luccaranna homes with the sea, common areas and gardens are meant for local people to enjoy life. It is a safe oasis with ample of room for broad scenic views and shaded corners with lush greenery for some alone time. Private gardens are separated with hedges, terrain features and natural stone fences. Most homes have private balconies or terraces where you can have dinner and spend time with your family on summer nights.

Rest areas for all ages

The natural areas surrounding Luccaranna homes are somewhat controlled, but not overly limited. There is a car-free area around the houses, allowing for pedestrians as well as cyclists to travel side-by-side, while also leaving enough space for bird nesting. The rest area of the homes can be used to play badminton or ping pong, swing, have a family picnic or to just sunbathe.

Shed the sand from your toes at the beach pavilion

At the beach, local people are awaited by a practical beach pavilion which can be used to clean one’s SUP board and toes from sand after leaving the sea or to just spend quality time at the terrace. From there, you can even walk home barefoot, if you wish.

Everything is

The sea is only 50 meters from Luccaranna homes. There are various daycares for the littlest nearby and a romantic dinner is only a 4-minute walk away at the cozy Lucca or MEAT restaurant. The closest decent grocery store is only a few minutes away. Everything you need is right here!

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